Wide Format Printers

Make stunning high-quality picture prints and business presentations with wide format printers. If you need to create tabloid sizes or 13-by-19-inch papers, these wide format printers can do the job. Not only these but wide format printers are also good with printing small papers, which makes it perfect printing equipment to have in your office or home. At CHARTI, you can select the product according to your project printing specifications, such as custom floor decals, curved wallpapers, custom canvas, and poster prints. Some of the printing equipment comes with an integrated scanner to make your job even more

One of them is our robust and high-quality equipment – Epson’s Workforce Pro 1200 dpi wide format inkjet printer, specially designed for industries ranging from home construction companies to schools, are of outstanding quality, flexibility, and unparalleled speed. We are leading supplier of wide format printers in Australia. CHARTI has stores in 6 cities i.e. Sydney NSW, Brisbane Queensland, Melbourne VIC, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth. At CHARTI, you get range of A1, A2, A3, A4 printers, 3D Printers, Canon, HP, EPSON, MIMAKI color printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, desktop printers. It means you get all branded wide format printer with supplies. Find us is very easy just type Wide Printers Brisbane Queensland, or Sydney NSW or Melbourne VIC or Adelaide or Canberra or Perth on Google. Our business will appear in Google and you will easy come with Google Direction help.

How Can A Wide Format Printer Help You?

Wide-format printers make it easy for companies to create high-quality print documents in the right way and reduce errors and increase productivity with excellent line quality and consistent color quality. Wide-format printers are known for their excellent speed and performance. Their ability to manufacture high-quality images and clear text make them necessary for graphic and
photo-heavy posters and banners.

The ability to print large-scale projects saves considerable time and money. By investing in a wide format printer, you can quickly print high-quality images, offering greater control and flexibility. With excellent line quality and color consistent quality of wide format printer, it is easy to make maps, schematics, and blueprints precisely as you need them.

An expanding area of wide format printing is the photo imaging industry. The wide format inkjet technology produces stunning vivid color photograph prints at large sizes, giving photographers, universities, schools, and other organizations the flexibility of in-house

What Technologies are Using in Wide Format Printers?

Wide-format printers use droplet technology, meaning microscopic ink droplets and precision ejection create vivid images and exact text along with the inkjet technology. The machine can detect the difference in text and graphics, allowing for good prints. Adding a wide-format to your business can provide benefits around turnaround time, security and privacy, and even cost depending on your top objectives and print needs.

Each wide format printer sold by CHARTI is installed and measured to print with precision and the image’s highest color quality. 
CHARTI is a well-known name in the Australian printing industry. As retailers of the best wide format printers, we ensure that your product’s output is top quality.

Our wide format printers provide a variety of technologically advanced yet user-friendly printers and wide-format paper rolls designed to meet graphics professionals’ unique needs. Each product we offer is supported by extensive technical, safety information, and a global technology base. Our core emphasis has been on providing an effective workflow solution that reduces the cost of printing professionals. We evaluate your printing requirements in depth to make sure that you have the right choice of equipment.

We acknowledge that each specialist has different needs, and we tailor our service accordingly. We are attentive to their priorities and budget and provide proactive service. We supply an impressive range of wide-format printers, suitable for Engineers & Architects, Schools, Marketing, Manufacturing, Automotive, and Transportation Industry– we have something for all industries. You can purchase any products or services from our online shop, no matter where you are in the world. After all, we can’t just stay behind when the world is being digitized!

We are here to assist you no matter what kind of business you’re running. We will help you install, produce paper, and even print jobs for your customers. CHARTI aims to be the ultimate destination for all wide-format printers across Australia, whether from school, AEC, government, print shop, and photography. If you are looking to buy wide-format printer equipment, but can’t decide which wide format printer fulfills your requirements, fill our printer quote form or let our specialist call you. If you require other services like valuable expert advice from business evaluations to financing, contact us via form or call us at 1800 841 241.

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