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Mimaki UCJV300- LED-UV Print & Cut Printer

The UCJV300-130, part of the UCJV300 Series, is a versatile inkjet printer having a combined function of both printing and cutting mounted with UV-curable ink. It is a 800mm/31.5″ width printer.

UCJV300 Series is a high spec model equipped with the 4-layer/5-layer print function in addition to UV LED print and Print&Cut.
This new model is enough to cover wider ranges from a quick job with short delivery time to an avant-garde signboard.

Contact us now and we will get one of our specialists to reach out and offer the best Mimaki solution and pricing for your business.

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<p>Key Benefits of UCJV Printers:</p>
<li>Allow Immediate post printing production (i.e. immediate lamination)</li>
<li>Ability to print white</li>
<li>Able to print up to 5 layers of colours in a single pass</li>
<li>No heat required (does not deform media and saves electricity)</li>
<li>Able to print on any media</li>
<li>Print &amp; Cut (include built-in plotter cutter)&nbsp;</li>
<li>Industrial print head, covered by warranty, not affected by amount of prints</li>

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