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Hand Sanitiser Station

The Charti Hand Sanitiser Station comes with your custom design and branding.

It’s perfect for the entrance to retail stores, classrooms, public spaces & even the home!

Pair this with the Charti Hand Sanitiser for the complete hygiene package.

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Hand Sanitising Station Available at Charti.com.au

We offer hand sanitiser dispensers as part of our social distancing products. For 20 years, we’ve been supplying printers and other printing supplies for offices, workplaces, and public spaces with high-quality equipment. We are pleased to roll out products to help printing industries get back on their feet and offer consultation to setup printing businesses and fundraising.

Benefits of a Hand Sanitising Station

A proper hand sanitising station is designing to ensure the correct amount is dispensing each time so that nothing is wasted. It can be mounted or installed at fixed points. All public or communal spaces must fit with hand sanitiser stations, with clear and effective signage.

Before buying hand sanitising station, think carefully about how many and where you want hand sanitizing stations. Firstly, please find out how often you needed it, how many employees or members of the public will have to access it.

Our Hand Sanitising Station Range

We have a wide range of different dispensers, ideally suited to both small and large budgets. All are thoughtfully designed and crafted to be durable, usable, and, most importantly, hygienic. The various hand sanitiser stations provided by us have many other benefits. We can also boast an excellent delivery service. With warehouses all-across the nation, you’ll find our shipping costs and times extremely competitive. Depending on your order, you’ll find a few different options for delivery.

Hand Sanitising Station Includes:

  • 1 x Sanitising Stand 600mm x 2000mm
  • 1 x Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

For custom designs hand sanitiser please specify at the checkout or email us at [email protected]



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