CHARTI Heavyweight Wall Display

The Heavyweight Banner Stand is simple, affordable and serves its purpose well as business-promoting display stand.

• Easy to assemble
• Lightweight aluminium poles
• Stable heavyweight base

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Size:850 x 2280mm
Weight: 6.8kg
Included: Carry Bag, Gloves


Printable Area (including bleed): 900 x 2280mm
Trim line: 850 x 2230mm
Safe zone:
Weight: 1kg
Washing: Use delicate setting on washing machine.
Drying: Use delicate setting on the dryer. If hanging outside to dry, do not leave it out for too long. Bring it inside once dry.
Care instructions: Steam clean to flatten wrinkles. Not recommended to use iron (or iron on cool). Most wrinkles will stretch out on frame.
Maintenance: Store away folded until ready to use next time.
Drycleaning: Suitable for drycleaning

How To Video



Charti Heavyweight Wall Display Instruction Sheet
Charti Heavyweight Wall Display Template


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