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  1. epson surecolour t5200 large format printer

    Epson SureColour T5200 24" Large Format Printer

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    Includes: Printer, Stand, Power Cord, 110ml Ink set, 1 x Roll Media Adaptor Set, 2 x Maintenance Tank, Setup Guide & Warranty Info. Mac/Windows Printer Driver, MS Office Plug-In, LFP Remote Panel2, EpsonNet Config, EpsonNet Print (Win only), Remote Manager Scanner software, PS software & User & Network manuals on CD. LFP Accounting Tool, AutoCad HDI Driver, HDD & Scanner utility software via web download. An additional PS Module with integrated HDD is included with Postscript configurations, a PS Module with HDD + Scanner + Scanner Stand with MFP configurations. Also available for free download: Epson Print Layout, ColorBase2, E-Web Print, Firmware Updater Learn More
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    CHARTI Aluminium pull up display stand (Silver) 850mm x 2000mm (with double layer bag)

    Excl. Tax: $29.00 (Including GST) $31.90

    Charti High quality aluminium based pull up display paper is perfect for trade show and conference display. Easy DIY to install printed graphics onto the display paper is and can be re-used many times. Pull-up display stand is a cost effective and efficient way to enhance trade show booth, showrooms or short term event venue. Ideal to use several pull up display stands together to create a back wall, or one or two free-standing stands to display marketing messages. Light weight and extremely easy to install.  (This model comes with double layer carrying bag) Learn More
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    CHARTI Premium Heavy Weight Coated Paper 160gsm 914mm x 30m

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    Charti Instant dry premium matt heavy weight coated inkjet paper is highly suitable for high resolution grapahic prints. Waterfast, ultra white and smooth surface produce high quality prints. Its premium coating can hold inks properly without bleeding. High color CAD drawings, 3D rendering prints, general color posters and high ink limit posters Learn More
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    Charti Media Holder 2" x 12 spindles

    Excl. Tax: $245.00 (Including GST) $269.50

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    CHARTI Media Holder holds up to 12 rolls 2" core large format media. Strong and reliable wheels can handle up to 100kg of media weight and can be easily move around the print room. When holding media vertically, not only it can save storage space, it allows users to change media easily. Learn More

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